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Appendix 1: Status uncertain, may warrant inclusion above.

Conus sp.:

"At the other extreme, there are also a number of DD species where there is an almost total absence of recent sightings but extinction cannot be proven, i.e. there is reasonable doubt that the last individual has died [39]. This is exemplified by species such as C. jourdani from St Helena which is only known from ‘dead’ shells washed onto the beach in one small bay; C. bellulus and C. luteus which have not been reported since the 1970s; C. splendidulus which has not been seen in 20 years and C. sauros which is possibly extinct."


Peters, H., O'Leary, B. C., Hawkins, J. P., Carpenter, K. E. and Roberts, C. M. (2013). Conus: First Comprehensive Conservation Red List Assessment of a Marine Gastropod Mollusc Genus. PLoS ONE 8(12): e83353.