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Domesticated/cultivated plants with (possibly) extinct ancestors

1. Onion

"The direct ancestor of onions is likely extinct"

Source: Chen, Xiaoyulong et al. (2021). The Himalayan Onion (Allium wallichii Kunth) Harbors Unique Spatially Organized Bacterial Communities. Microbial Ecology.


2. Faba bean

"A living wild type of this cultivated species is not known and it is possible that it is either extremely restricted in its geographical distribution or that it is extinct."

Source: Rottenberg, A. (2020). The origin of Vicia faba (Fabaceae): a quest of five decades. Fl. Medit. 30: 365-368.


3. Peach

"Despite ongoing research on peach origins through morphology, palynology, cytology, biochemistry, and DNA, the specific ancestor of peach is unclear. The Flora of China notes that the ancestor is extinct".

Source: Zheng, Y., Crawford, G. W. and Chen, X. (2014). Archaeological Evidence for Peach (Prunus persica) Cultivation and Domestication in China. PLoS ONE 9(9): e106595.


Plant species that have been cultivated [i.e. cultivars]: