Breeds and Cultivars


Animal Breeds

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Plant cultivars

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Ornamental trees




Plant species that have been cultivated [i.e. cultivars]:



Fruit trees
Name Proving paper
Cornus mas Weaver, Richard E. Jnr. (1976). The Cornelian Cherries. Arnoldia 36(2): 50-56.


Ornamental trees
Name Proving paper
Koelreuteria paniculata (Golden-rain tree) Santamour, Frank S. Jnr. and Spongberg, Stephen A. (1996). 'Rose Lantern': A New Cultivar of Koelreuteria paniculata, the Golden-Rain Tree. Arnoldia 56(2): 32-37.





Root vegetables

Arracacia xanthorrhiza (Arracacha)