The Thylacine Archive

There is a great deal of archival material pertaining to the thylacine in various museum collections around the world (especially Tasmania). As well as historical newspaper clippings, sightings/reports etc. I hope to make much of this freely available online in the future.

The Thylacine Museum website is an indispensable resource, even for veteran thylacine researchers.

The REPAD taxon profile of the thylacine is currently incomplete, but contains much useful information.


Section 1. Evolution and Prehistory

Family: Thylacinidae

Genus: Thylacinus

Thylacine rock art

Local Aboriginal names and beliefs

Thylacines in Tasmanian aboriginal archaeology

Fossil and subfossil thylacine distribution

Thylacines and Dingoes


Section 2. European Perspectives


Taxonomy and nomenclature

The early European thylacine literature (1642-1850)

19th century thylacine photos

The True Author of Thylacinus striatus "Warlow, 1833" (article)


Section 3. European Persecution

Predator becomes prey (1851-1887)

Government bounty scheme (1888-1912)

Rise of the hyena (1913-1929)

A living ghost (1930-1936)


Section 4. People and Expeditions, or, Post-Extinction?

There have been many thylacine researchers over the last 80 years, since the species died out in captivity. Ranging from cryptozoologists working in the field through to scientific researchers in the lab, and everything in between. In the future I hope to have written biographies of each one, at least detailing their thylacine-related activities.

Thylacine expeditions and searches

I've begun to compile a database of thylacine sighting reports made since the species was last recorded in each region (prehistoric through to modern). It currently contains 900+ reports, secondhand accounts and other anecdotes.


Section 5. Publications and Extracts

I am currently compiling a list of all thylacine-related newspaper articles, listed by year (with a key to content to follow in the future). Which will hopefully show the changing social attitudes towards the species. These listings are supplemented by links to the actual clippings. I encourage readers to edit the Trove texts wherever applicable as, generally speaking, it is much easier to read these than the clippings themselves.

I have also started compiling a list of magazine articles on the thylacine.

Jeremy Griffith's website hosts many hard to find thylacine publications.

Non-fiction books on the thylacine. 

A list of cryptozoological publications on the thylacine.

Thylacines in fiction.


Section 6. Popular Entertainment

Documentaries and television shows

Thylacine films

Video games