The Thylacine Archive

There is a great deal of archival material pertaining to the thylacine in various museum collections around the world (especially Tasmania). As well as historical newspaper clippings, sightings/reports etc. I hope to make much of this freely available online in the future. The taxon profile on the thylacine is currently incomplete, but contains much useful information. While our Facebook Group the Tasmanian Tiger Archives has over 3700 members, and by far the most historical content of any such group.

You can now order our book, 'Thylacine: The History, Ecology and Loss of the Tasmanian Tiger', to be published by CSIRO Publishing, with all royalties strictly being donated to the Save the Tasmanian Devil Appeal. With 78 contributors, including 58 with a PhD, it is set to be the new definitive volume on the species for many years to come, and includes the last two pieces the late Col Bailey ever wrote on the thylacine among many others.


Section 1. Evolution, prehistory and taxonomy


Section 2. The thylacine literature


Section 3. Overviews by period


Section 4. Reports, people and expeditions


Section 5. Popular Entertainment