Thylacine Researchers


Kath Alcock (mainland)

Dawn Anderson (mainland)

Dr. Michael 'Mike' Archer (fossil thylacines and cloning)

Col Bailey

Garry Bailey

Quentin Beresford

Robert 'Bob' Brown

Kevin Cameron

Peter Chapple

Mike Cleeland

Don Colgan (thylacine cloning)

Chris Coupland (Thylacine Research Unit (T.R.U.))

Michael Crewdson (co-author of 'Carnivirous Nights')

Paul Cropper

Warren Darragh (Thylacine Research Unit (T.R.U.))

Buck and Joan Emberg (Tasmania)

Arthur Leonard Fleming*

Bill Flowers (Thylacine Research Unit (T.R.U.))

Wade Francis (created 'The Thylacine Open Debate and Discussion Page' Facebook group)

Carol Freeman

Rex Gilroy

Tammy Gordon

Jeremy Griffiths

Cheryl Grimsley (claims that mainland thylacines migrate annually, after charting reports by area and time of year)

Eric Rowland Guiler* (foremost authority on the species prior to his death in 2008)

Tony Healy

Alan Heath

Greg Heberle (mainland)

Glen Jameson (Parks Victoria officer)

Adye M. Jordan*

Rebecca 'Ruby' Lang (edited 'The Tasmanian Tiger: Extinct or Extant?')

Gareth Linnard (Tasmanian thylacines during the 1920's and 1930's)

Bernie Mace

James Malley

Bernie Mason

David Maynard

Murray McAlister (mainland researcher)

Kathryn Medlock

Margaret Mittelbach (co-author of 'Carnivirous Nights')

Heinz Friedrich Moeller*

Nick Mooney

Michael Moss (mainland researcher)

Dr. Axel Newton

Gary Opit

David Owen (wrote 'Thylacine: The Tragic Tale of the Tasmanian Tiger')

Robert 'Bob' Paddle

Andrew Pask

Lloyd Poke (claims he wrestled with a thylacine, and kept records of claimed thylacine sightings)

Chris Rehberg (cryptozoologist, runs the Where Light Meets Dark website)

Will Rolland

Dr. Douglass Rovinsky

Tarnee Rutherford

Sid Slee*

Malcolm Smith (well known cryptozoologist)

Steven J. Smith

Noel Sutton

Chris Tangey

Edward 'Ned' Vincent Terry* (Tasmanian, wrote a book, also searched in New Guinea)

"Tigerman" (pseudonym)

Simon Townsend

Percy Trezise

Neil Waters (claims that fox-like thylacines exist on the mainland, including close to Adelaide CBD)

Sharon West* (member of ARFRA, researcher from Western Australia)

Dorothy Williams (member of ARFRA)

Michael 'Mike' Williams (only interested in Tasmanian and New Guinea thylacines)


NB: An asterisk ('*') denotes a deceased individual.


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