Thylacine Researchers: Sid Slee (?–2015)

One of Western Australia's pioneer thylacine researchers, Sid Slee's classic book 'The Haunt of the Marsupial Wolf' arguably helped lay the foundation for thylacine research in the state. From his experiences of a strange kind of animal in his youth during the 1940's, later in life he juggled life as a farmer with that of a thylacine researcher/author. Sid and his son Ian featured prominently in the classic Animal X Natural Mystery Unit episode 'The Mystery of the Thylacine':


The aboriginal tracker, Kevin Cameron, who famously took five photos of animal partially hidden by the base of a tree, tracked and attempted to trap thylacines on the Slee farm Hillside ("The Haunt of the Marsupial Wolf") for a year. Sid's book includes extracts from Kevin's reports during that time (Slee, 1987).



Slee, Sid. (1987). The Haunt of the Marsupial Wolf. Bunbury, WA: South West Printing and Publishing Company.