These are the only two forums in the world that deal exhaustively with the current biodiversity crisis, which seems destined to transform into the sixth mass extinction. Please note that you will need to register an account to be able to view the latest threads and to post yourself. I am an Administrator of both forums. My username on both is surroundx.


The Vanishing Plants forum


Run by Melanie Nayyal, the Vanishing Plants forum is dedicated to raising awareness, and sharing information about, the extinction of recent plants. Too often plants are left out of all discussion of the "sixth mass extinction" as if they are completely unaffected by it. But the fact is that plants are, as a taxonomic group, one of the hardest hit by the extinction crisis. Along with birds, insects and gastropod molluscs it is one of the four groups which has suffered the greatest loss of its members.


The Sixth Extinction forum


Run by Peter Maas, the Sixth Extinction forum is "a forum about the current biodiversity crisis" and is dedicated to sharing information on recently extinct and rediscovered species, especially animals (it contains only old threads on plants, which are now on the Vanishing Plants forum, see above). It has a strong emphasis on those species which have become extinct during the Holocene (that is, the last c.10,000 years) but also includes threads on Late Pleistocene and other prehistoric extinctions.