Local Rediscoveries

If an extirpated species or subspecies is rediscovered within that area, provided recolonisation/translocation from another area can be ruled out, then a genuine local rediscovery has real import for conservation biology. If a large carnivore is thought to have been extirpated from a small island, but is later rediscovered there, then its having genuinely gone undetected for a long period (despite methodologically appropriate survey methods) demonstrates that the classification of "extirpated" was premature. It is entirely irrelevant that individuals of that taxon survive elsewhere (since we have theoretically ruled out recolonisation/translocation), and therefore  a population went genuinely undetected despite surveys for a significant period.



Panthera pardus saxicolor

Cervus elaphus bactrianus



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Xylocopa aerata


Christmas Island

Labuanium vitatum


Macquarie Island

Galium antarcticum


New South Wales

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Dasycercus cristicauda (Crest-tailed mulgara)

Correa lawrenceana genoensis

Boronia deanei (Deane's boronia)

Pomaderris cotoneaster

Nalbaugh nematolepis

Dodonaea stenophylla

Litoria booroongensis


Northern Territory

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Huperzia dalhousieana:

Monaeses brevicaudatus:


South Australia

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Litoria littlejohni

Euastacus yarraensis

Psophodes leucogaster (White-bellied whipbird)

Bearded flatsedge (Cyperus squarrosus)


Western Australia

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Mesembriomys gouldii gouldii (Black-footed tree rat)

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Petrogale concinna (Nabarlek):

Macarthuria keigheryi

Western pygmy possum



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Umbra krameri (Wanzenböck & Spindler, 1995)



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Chaetornis striata (Bristled grassbird)

Pelecanus philippensis (spot-billed pelican or grey pelican) [just a vagrant individual?]



Neptis sappho



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Arachis ipaensis


Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Scarce Hook-tip (Sabra harpagula)

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Pisa armata

Marsh fritillary butterfly

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Draco norvillii

Psydrax salicifolia [global rediscovery?]

Sarcandra chloranthoides (global rediscovery?):

Brettus cingulatus:

Lumnitzera racemosa:


Andaman Islands

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Tamil Nadu

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Uttar Pradesh

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Suncus etruscus



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Appendix 1: Local rediscovery turned out to be new (sub)species

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Borya mirabilis:


Appendix 2: Global rediscovery turned out to be new (sub)species

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Calystegia felix [originally thought to be C. sepium binghamiae]


Appendix 3: Country unknown

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Appendix 4: Rediscovery turned out to be recolonisation

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Appendix 5: Local rediscovery rejected

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Appendix 6: Rediscovery of introduced population

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