Bacteria and Diseases


incertae sedis: Bacteria

Scientific Name Author/s Common Name Last Record Distribution Status Taxon Profile
Loriella osteophila Borzì, 1892   (rediscovered) Papua New Guinea Rediscovered Access
Pasteuria ramosa Metchnikoff, 1888   (rediscovered) Europe Redicovered Access
Westiellopsis interrupta Kanthamma in Jeeji-Bai, 1972   (rediscovered) India Rediscovered Access



incertae sedis: Diseases (Pathogens)

Disease Name Pathogen First/Last Known Case Distribution Status Taxon Profile
Black Death1 Yersinia pestis strain Before 1346 to 1353? Northern Hemisphere Dormant? Access
Rinderpest Rinderpest virus <3,000 BC to 2001 Global Still kept in laboratories Access
Small pox Variola virus (two variants: Variola major and Variola minor) c. 1500 BC to 1978 ? Still kept in laboratories Access



1 Bos, Kirsten I. et al. (2011). A draft genome of Yersinia pestis from victims of the Black Death. Nature 478(7370): 506-510.