Please Donate. It Doesn't Have to be Money.

Simply by sharing this website you are helping to raise awareness about the current biodiversity crisis.


Please consider purchasing or sharing my new Kindle eBook on the current biodiversity crisis to help raise funds for this website. You will need to navigate to your country's Amazon website to purchase (it will give you the option):

A free Kindle eReader app can be downloaded for PC and Mac users to read it:


REPAD is a citizen science project that is currently entirely self-funded by Branden Holmes. And while our running costs are not overly expensive (AU$299.541 annually), other expenses naturally arise in the course of our research. The purchase of books and other literature not freely available on the internet allows us to bring more content to you than we otherwise would be able to. Ultimately it would be my intention to be able to retire young (I'm 33 now) and do this website for the rest of my life2.

As a single individual, I cannot legally qualify for charity status as REPAD. And the nature of this website is such that it has very little chance of acquiring external funding from scientific or Government bodies, even though it will be an immense resource in the next decade. As such, all donations are not tax deductible. However, I can promise that all funds will be used in a professional and economic manner, such as by purchasing second-hand copies of books rather than new ones.

Of course, donations needn't be monetary. If you have a book on extinction that I don't have (see the Books page), and would be willing to donate it, I can provide you with my postal address (Perth, Western Australia) and I will pay for postage costs. Or, if you have a website you can link to this one to help increase traffic. You can also simply share this website on social media to help generate traffic as well.

I am also always looking to add good photos of species and subspecies that have either been rediscovered, or are believed to be extinct in the wild. And while I cannot afford to pay for them, a copyright notice and link to your website will be provided.

As you can see from our website we are as passionate about studying conservation and extinction as you are. We take our role very seriously as we attempt to make a significant and lasting contribution to conservation biology. We hope that you will continue to join us on this journey, which certainly does not obligate you to donate, so that we may all benefit from our increased knowledge.


Branden Holmes


1 This includes AU$200.59 annually for hosting, $19.95 per year for domain (re)registration, and $79 annually for a RapidSSL certificate (Google ranks websites lower if they don't have one). This does not include subscriptions to several paid plugins/modules. You might notice that our monthly hosting costs are more than we could pay elsewhere, however our host Digital Pacific is a carbon neutral company (which means that this website is green!). Which played a decisive role in choosing them.

2 So if there is by chance a wealthy benefactor out there who would be willing to subsidise my current living expenses for a period, please get in touch to discuss potential compensatory advertisement, etc.