Thylacine Researchers: Sharon West*

* deceased


Sharon's former website can still be found in the Wayback machine, which includes the thylacine and big cats.


An Animal X episode (1997) featuring Sharon and her own thylacine sighting and search:




From the defunct ARFRA (Australian Rare Fauna Research Association) website:

"Sadly, Sharon West passed away on November 1, 2015. A passionate cryptozoologist, she established the Mystery Animal Research Centre of Australia.  Apart from sending out press releases and following up reported sightings of mystery striped creatures that fitted the description of the Thylacine and sightings of big cats she put out a monthly newsletter from February. 1993 to late 2009.  In December, 2010 she put out a special edition of the newsletter.

Her enthusiasm and passion for researching mystery creatures would be hard to match.

Her son, Leonard West, has compiled the following story of how Sharon became a researcher of mystery animals in Australia.


[Written by] Meryl Tobin"

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