Thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger) Sighting Reports Database

Please note that the low number of reports currently in the database reflects my lack of time, and hence does not accurately reflect the true number of such reports. Thousands more will be added in the future, although it must be pointed out that many of these are at least second-hand. The catalogue method employed is detailed here.

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Australasia (1099 reports)

Mainland Australia (726 reports)

Australian Capital Territory (3 reports)

New South Wales (180 reports; +2 border reports)

Northern Territory (1 report)

Queensland (63 reports; +1 border report)

South Australia (43 reports)

Victoria (178 reports; +1 border report)

Western Australia (256+ reports)


Other (373 reports)

Tasmania (349 reports)

New Guinea (11 reports)

Miscellaneous Islands (1 report)

State Unknown (12? reports)


International (7+ reports)

Canada (3 reports)


UK (3+ reports)

USA (1 report)


Unknown Region (2 reports)


Total reports: 1,108