Canadian Thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger) Sighting Reports

Reports from other countries can be accessed here.



An anonymous report made to REPAD by a university professor:

"Last Saturday March 6th, 2021, I was walking in the Woodbine beach area near the Ashbridges bay Yatch Club, Toronto, It was approximately 7PM and it was almost dark.

This "thing" just walked in front of me, approximately 15 mts. away. I was not the only person there. A woman who was jogging just beside me stooped when she saw this animal and asked me "What was that?!"

The animal calmy crossed in front of us and continued towards the Ashbridges park.

I recognized the animal (in particular his tail and the stripes) as I am aware of their extinction in Tasmania.

I said to the woman: "When I saw this 'thing' it immediately came to my mind that 'dog' from Tasmania that has tiger stripes".

It was definitely not a dog or a coyote."



An anonymous report made to REPAD:

"I have sighted a Tasmanian Tiger between Homesite Creek and Halfmoon Bay on the Sunshine Coast Highway in British Columbia. It was July 22, 2022. One ran across the road in front of me and into the forest on the other side. I am 99.99% sure it was one."


CAN.XXXX.xx.xx #1

"OK, this sounds wierd, but I seen a light hair Tasmanian tiger in Toronto Scarborough. I know I sound like a nutjob, but I swear I wasn't drinking or under any influence. I was in the company of t[w]o other girls who described the same creature."



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