USA Thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger) Sighting Reports

Reports from other countries can be accessed here.



Rowan from Washington Twp, New Jersey:

"Last night around 6:00 pm, my daughter and I were driving a long the road and we both saw this "cat" on the side, standing near some tall grass, so I slowed to look because I was afraid it was going to run out in front of me, and as we slowed he looked at us, and we at him, and he seemed rather sure of we both thought "oh hes not a cat, its a fox" but we both said outloud, "ewwwww" because the more we looked, the more he looked odd. His face was pointy, with slanty eyes, he was a brownish color and the weirdest part was his back legs were striped black and his tail looked thin, like a cats maybe, but a cat tail that had been chewed up, sort of...he seemed scared, but maybe too scared to run, then I had told my daughter to take a picture with her cell phone and as she lifted it, he "skulked" away, sort of weirdly. So we both decided he was a fox, but maybe an old fox. I thought it was atrange because I have seen fox before and I didnt remember seeing tabby like markings on them. So I got home and started to google, to no avail I could not find this particular fox, until I clicked on google images, then I saw a picture of a Tasmanian Tiger, without realizing what it was I said to my daughter "oh look this is the kind he was." She agreed."



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