Calliotectum mirabile (Clench & Aguayo, 1941)



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Teramachia mirabilis Clench and Aguayo, 1941


Conservation Status




Cuba & Little Bahama Bank, Bahamas


Biology & Ecology










Original scientific description:

Clench, W. J. and Aguayo, C. G. (1941). Notes and descriptions of new deep-water Mollusca obtained by the Harvard-Havana expedition off the coast of Cuba, IV. Memorias de la Sociedad Cubana de Historia Natural 15: 177-180, pl. 14.


Other references:

Volutidae). Mémoires du Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle 167: 499-525.

Emerson, W. K. and Sage, W. E. (1986). On the rediscovery of Teramachia mirabilis Clench and Aguayo, 1941, and its relationship to other calliotectine volutes. The Nautilus 100(4): 147-15


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