Omphalotropis sp. nov. 'Rotuma'



Taxonomy & Nomenclature



Conservation Status


Last record: 1938



Rotuma Island, Rotuma Group, Fiji


Biology & Ecology




Known from 19 shells, 8 of which were collected alive during the 1938 survey of the island (Brodie et al. In Press).






Brodie, G., Barker, G. M., Stevens, F. and Fiu, M. (In Press, 2014). Preliminary re-survey of the land snail fauna of Rotuma: conservation and biosecurity implications. Pacific Conservation Biology. [automatic download]

Brodie, G., Stevens, F. and Barker, G. (2012). Report on a preliminary survey of the land snail fauna of Rotuma. University of the South Pacific. 21 pp.


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