Dasyuromorphia (Tasmanian Devil, Thylacine, Quolls, Dunnarts, Numbat etc.)


Family: Dasyuridae (Tasmanian Devils, Quolls, Dunnarts etc.)

Scientific Name Author/s Common Name Last Record Distribution Status Taxon Profile
Dasyurus geoffroii geoffroii Gould, 1841 Eastern chuditch, Eastern quoll, Eastern native cat, Eastern atyelpe, Geoffroy's native cat post-1888 New South Wales & Queensland, Australia Extinct or Rediscovered1 Access
Dasyurus maculatus bowlingi (Spencer & Kershaw 1910) King Island quoll subfossil King Island, Bass Strait, Tasmania, Australia Invalid Access
Dasyurus maculatus ssp. nov. 'Kangaroo Island' - Kangaroo Island spotted-tailed quoll After 1836 Kangaroo Island, South Australia, Australia Extinct if valid Access
Parantechinus apicalis Gray, 1842 Dibbler, Southern dibbler, Freckled antechinus (rediscovered) Western Australia, Australia Rediscovered Access
Pseudantechinus mimulus Thomas, 1906 Alexandria false antechinus, Carpentarian antechinus, Carpentarian Pseudantechinus, Carpentarian false antechinus (rediscovered) Northern Territory & Queensland, Australia Rediscovered Access
Sarcophilus laniarius dixonae Werdelin, 1987 Mainland Tasmanian devil ? Mt. Hamilton, Victoria, Australia Extinct Access
Sarcophilus laniarius laniarius (Owen in Mitchell, 1838) Great Tasmanian devil ? mainland Australia Extinct Access
Sminthopsis douglasi Archer, 1979 Julia Creek dunnart (rediscovered) Queensland, Australia Rediscovered Access
Sminthopsis longicaudata Spencer, 1909 Long-tailed dunnart, Long-tailed sminthopsis (rediscovered) Northern Territory & Western Australia, Australia Rediscovered Access
Sminthopsis murina albipes (Waterhouse, 1842) Southeastern common dunnart c. 1940? South Australia & Victoria, Australia Invalid (synonym) Access
Sminthopsis murina constricta Spencer, 1896 Slender-tailed dunnart, Central common dunnart, Slender-tailed pouched mouse 1910? South Australia, Australia Invalid (synonym) Access
Sminthopsis psammophila Spencer, 1895 Sandhill dunnart, Sandhill sminthopsis,, Large desert sminthopsis Large desert marsupial-mouse (rediscovered) Northern Territory & South Australia, Australia Rediscovered Access


1 The nominate subspecies may be extant, depending upon whether D. g. fortis is valid or not.


Family: Myrmecobiidae (Numbats or Marsupial Anteaters)

Scientific Name Author/s Common Name Last Record Distribution Status Taxon Profile
Myrmecobius fasciatus rufus Jones, 1923 Eastern (rusty) numbat, Rufous numbat, Southeastern numbat 1950 South Australia, New South Wales, Victoria & Western Australia, Australia Extinct or invalid (synonym) Access



Family: Thylacinidae (Thylacines)

Scientific Name Author/s Common Name Last Record Distribution Status Taxon Profile
Dasyurus Lucocephalus Grant, 1831     Tasmania, Australia Invalid (synonym)  
Thylacinus breviceps Krefft, 1868 Bulldog-tiger, Bull-dog tiger - Tasmania, Australia Invalid (synonym) Access
Thylacinus communis Anon, 1859     Tasmania, Australia Invalid (synonym)  
Thylacinus cynocephalus (Harris, 1808) Thylacine, Tasmanian tiger, Marsupial wolf etc. 7 September 1936 Continental Australia (prehistoric), New Guinea (prehistoric) and Tasmania Extinct Access
Thylacinus Harrisii Temminck, 1824     Tasmania, Australia Invalid (synonym)  
Thylacinus major Owen, 1877     New South Wales, Australia Invalid (synonym)  
Thylacinus rostralis De Vis, 1894     Queensland, Australia Invalid (synonym)  
Thylacinus spelaeus Owen, 1845     New South Wales, Australia Invalid (synonym)  
Thylacinus striatus Burnett, 18301     Tasmania, Australia Invalid (synonym)  

1 I have discovered that Burnett (1830) is the true author of T. striatus. See my article on the matter.


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