Family: Balanophoraceae

–No subordinate taxa



Family: Loranthaceae

Scientific Name Author/s Common Name Last Record Distribution Status Taxon Profile
Agelanthus guineensis Polhill & Wiens   1956 Guinea Missing Access
Agelanthus rondensis (Engl.) Polhill & Wiens   1903 Rondo Plateau, Tanzania Missing Access
Alepis flavida (Hook.fil.) van Tiegh. Yellow mistletoe (rediscovered) Kaiwhata River, Eastern Wairarapa, North Island (southern), New Zealand Rediscovered Access
Bakerella clavata sechellensis (Baker) S. Balle   1904 Cascade Estate, Mahé, Seychelles Missing Access
Bakerella hoyifolia bojeri (Baker) Balle   (rediscovered) Reunion, Mascarene Islands Rediscovered Access

Cyne quadriangula

Danser   (rediscovered) Bucas Grande Island, Philippines Rediscovered Access
Dendropemon brevipes Britton   (rediscovered) Bahamas Invalid (synonym) Access
Dendropemon caymanensis Proctor   (rediscovered) Little Cayman Rediscovered Access
Helixanthera periclymenoides (Engl. & K.Krause) Balle   1908 Cameroon Missing Access
Notanthera heterophyllus (Ruiz & Pav.) G.Don   (rediscovered?) Chile & Juan Fernández Islands Rediscovered? Access
Oryctanthus grammatus J. Kuijt, 2011   April 1916 Colombia Missing Access
Psittacanthus nudus (Ant.Molina) Kuijt & Feuer   (rediscovered) Honduras Rediscovered Access

Scurrula stocksii

(Hook.f.) Danser   (rediscovered) Maharashtra, India Rediscovered Access
Taxillus thelocarpus (Hook.f.) Alam, 1985   (rediscovered) Chittagong, Bangladesh Rediscovered Access
Trilepidea adamsii (Cheeseman) Tiegham Adams mistletoe ? New Zealand Missing Access



Family: Misodendraceae

–No subordinate taxa



Family: Olacaceae

Scientific Name Author/s Common Name Last Record Distribution Status Taxon Profile
Cathedra grandiflora Loes.   ? Brazil Extinct Access



Family: Opiliaceae

–No subordinate taxa



Family: Santalaceae

Scientific Name Author/s Common Name Last Record Distribution Status Taxon Profile
Antidaphne schottii (Eichler) Kuijt   ? Brazil Extinct Access
Dendrophthora terminalis Kuijt   (rediscovered) Costa Rica & Honduras Rediscovered Access
Ginalloa andamanica Kurz   (rediscovered) Little Andaman Island, India Rediscovered Access
Kunkeliella psilotoclada (Svent.) Stearn Escobilla 1983 Tenerife, Canary Islands, North Africa Missing Access
Leptomeria dielsiana Pilger, 1906 Diels’ currant bush, Diels’ leptomeria 1957 Scott River area, Western Australia, Australia Missing Access
Leptomeria laxa Miq.   ? Australia Invalid (synonym) Access
Santalum fernandezianum F. Philippi, 1892 Chile sandalwood 1908 Juan Fernández Island, Chile Extinct Access
Thesium germainii Robyns & Lawalrée   1955 Burundi Missing Access
Thesium lewallei Lawalrée   1976 Burundi Missing Access
Thesium polygaloides A.W.Hill   ? South Africa Extinct Access



Family: Schoepfiaceae

–No subordinate taxa


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