Family: Balanophoraceae

–No subordinate taxa



Family: Loranthaceae

Scientific Name Author/s Common Name Last Record Distribution Status Taxon Profile
Agelanthus guineensis Polhill & Wiens (1998) - 1956 Guinea Missing Access
Agelanthus rondensis (Engl.) Polhill & Wiens (1992) - 1903 Rondo Plateau, Tanzania Missing Access
Bakerella clavata sechellensis (Baker) Balle (1964) - 1904 Cascade Estate, Mahé, Seychelles Extinct Access

Cyne quadriangula

Danser (1935) - (rediscovered) Bucas Grande Island & Mindanao, Philippines Rediscovered Access
Dendropemon brevipes Britton (1920) - (rediscovered) Bahamas Invalid (synonym) Access
Dendropemon caymanensis Proctor (1977) - (rediscovered) Little Cayman, Cayman Islands Rediscovered Access
Helixanthera periclymenoides (Engl. & K.Krause) Balle (1982)   1908 Cameroon Missing Access
Notanthera heterophyllus (Ruiz & Pav.) G.Don (1834) - (rediscovered?) Chile & Juan Fernández Islands Extinct or Rediscovered? Access
Oryctanthus grammatus J.Kuijt (2011) - April-May 1916 Colombia Missing Access
Psittacanthus nudus (Ant.Molina) Kuijt & Feuer (1982) - (rediscovered) Honduras Rediscovered Access

Scurrula stocksii

(Hook.f.) Danser (1929) - (rediscovered) Maharashtra, India Rediscovered Access
Taxillus thelocarpa (Hook.f.) Alam (1985) - (rediscovered) Chittagong, Bangladesh Rediscovered Access
Trilepidea adamsii (Cheeseman) Tiegham (1895) Adams mistletoe 1954 North Island, New Zealand Extinct Access



Family: Misodendraceae

–No subordinate taxa



Family: Olacaceae

Scientific Name Author/s Common Name Last Record Distribution Status Taxon Profile
Cathedra grandiflora Loes. (1889) - ? Brazil Rediscovered or Extant Access

Octoknema klaineana

Pierre (1897) - 1986 Libreville area, Estuaire Province, Gabon Missing or Extant Access



Family: Opiliaceae

–No subordinate taxa



Family: Santalaceae

Scientific Name Author/s Common Name Last Record Distribution Status Taxon Profile
Antidaphne schottii (Eichler) Kuijt (1988) - 1868 or before Brazil Missing or Extinct Access
Dendrophthora terminalis Kuijt (1961) - (rediscovered) Costa Rica & Honduras Rediscovered Access
Ginalloa andamanica Kurz (1872) - (rediscovered) Little Andaman Island, India Rediscovered Access
Leptomeria dielsiana Pilger (1906) Diels’ currant bush, Diels’ leptomeria 1957 Scott River area, Western Australia, Australia Missing or Extinct Access
Leptomeria laxa Miq. (1845) - ? Western Australia, Australia Invalid (synonym) Access
Santalum fernandezianum Phil. (1892) Chile sandalwood 1908 Juan Fernández Island, Chile Extinct Access
Thesium germainii Robyns & Lawalrée (1961) - 1955 Burundi Missing Access
Thesium lewallei Lawalrée (1985) - 1976 Burundi Missing Access
Thesium polygaloides A.W.Hill (1915) - ? South Africa Extinct Access
Thesium psilotocladum Svent. (1960) Escobilla 1983 Tenerife, Canary Islands, Macaronesia Missing or Extinct Access



Family: Schoepfiaceae

–No subordinate taxa


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