Bryophyta (Bryophytes)


These taxa will be sorted into their respective taxonomic positions at a later date.

Scientific Name Author/s Common Name Last Record Distribution Status Taxon Profile
Acritodon nephophilus H.Rob., 1964 - 1966 Mexico Extinct Access
Bartramia alaris Dixon & Sainsbury, 1933   1929 Havelock North, Hawke's Bay district, North Island, New Zealand & New South Wales, Australia Missing Access
Bryosporis anisopolaris Mildenhall & Bussell, 1990   c.90ka New Zealand Extinct Access
Campylopus extinctus Frahm, 1996   (rediscovered) Brazil Rediscovered in the wild Access
Cyathodium acrotrichum Schiffn.   (rediscovered) West Bengal, India Rediscovered Access
Dicranella circinata Herzog, 1954 - (rediscovered) Chile Rediscovered Access
Dicranella lorentzii (Müll.Hal.) - (rediscovered) Argentina Invalid (synonym) Access
Fissidens macrosporus Dixon, 1921 - (rediscovered) Western Ghats, India Rediscovered Access
Fissidens microstictus Dixon & Luisier, 1937 - 1982 Madeira Island, Portugal Extinct Access
Flabellidium spinosum Herzog (year?) - 1911 Santa Cruz Cordillera, Bolivia Extinct Access
Grimmia pilosissima Herzog, 1911   ? Sardinia, Italy Invalid (synonym) Access
Leratia scaberrima (Broth.) Goffinet, S.He & Shevock (2022)   (rediscovered) China Rediscovered Access
Neomacounia nitida (Lindb.) Ireland - 1864 Hastings County, Ontario province, Canada Extinct Access
Nobregaea latinervis Hedenäs, 1992 - 1946 Madeira Island, Portugal Extinct Access
Oreoweisia brevidens Herzog, 1939   (rediscovered) Western Ghats, India Rediscovered Access
Philonotis brevifolia Herzog (year?) - (rediscovered) Chile Rediscovered Access
Pinnatella gollanii Broth., 1931   (rediscovered) India & Nepal Rediscovered Access
Pterygoneurum californicum H. Crum, 1967 California chalkmoss ? Kern County, California, USA Missing Access
Sorapilla papuana Broth. & Geh.   (rediscovered) New Guinea & Queensland, Australia Rediscovered Access
Sorapilla sprucei Mitten, 1869   1857 Ecuador Missing Access
Tortella limbata (Schiffn.) Geh. & Herzog, 1910   (rediscovered) Canary Islands & Madeiran Archipelago, Macaronesia Rediscovered Access
Trematodon perssoniorum P.Allorge & Thér. ex V.Allorge   (rediscovered) São Miguel, Azores Rediscovered Access


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