New Zealand Thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger) Sighting Reports

Reports from other countries can be accessed here. Please note that I have taken the liberty of quoting liberally from all sources. This is only to make it easier for the reader to access these reports which would otherwise be spread over many websites and other mediums (e.g. newspaper articles, books, CD's etc.). In all cases I have clearly cited the source.


CI.1811.xx.xx (Campbell Island)

An enigmatic snippet from a newspaper article citing two "hyena['s]" seen on Campbell Island, near to Macquarie Island, and therefore ruling out Campbell Island off the New South Wales coast:

"Two animals of the hyena kind were seen at Campbell's Island by hunting parties belonging to the Mary and Sally ;  from the description given of which they appear to have been of the same species with an animal killed at Port Phillip in 1803."

Source: Anonymous. (1811). ["Two animals of the hyena kind..."]. The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser (NSW : 1803 - 1842),  Sat 30 Nov 1811, p. 2.


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