Stichophanes ningshaanensis (Yuen, 1983)

Ningshan lined snake



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Oligodon ningshaanensis Yuan, 1983


Conservation Status

Last record: 1983?

Rediscovered in 2006



Hubei Province & Shaanxi Province, China


Biology & Ecology










Original scientific description:

Yuen H. 1983. A new species of the genus Oligodon from Shaanxi Province, China. Acta Herpetologica Sinica 2: 65–67. [In Chinese with English abstract].


Other references:

Messenger KR, Wang Y. 2015. Notes on the natural history and morphology of the Ningshan Lined Snake (Stichophanes ningshaanensis yuen, 1983; Ophidia: Colubridae) and its distribution in the Shennongjia National Nature Reserve, China. Amphibian & Reptile Conservation 9(2) [General Section]: 111–119 (e103).

Wang X, Messenger K, Zhao E, Zhu C. 2014. Reclassification of Oligodon ningshaanensis Yuan, 1983 (Ophidia: Colubridae) into a new genus, Stichophanes gen. nov. with description on its malacophagous behavior. Asian Herpetological Research 5(3): 137-149.

Yang L, Messenger K, Liao MY. 2009. Reptile and amphibian diversity of Shennongjia National Nature Preserve. Sichuan Journal of Zoology 2009 28(2): 286-291. [In Chinese with English abstract].


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