Oxyuranus microlepidotus (McCoy, 1879:12)

Inland taipan, Fierce snake, Small-scaled snake



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Diemenia microlepidota McCoy, 1879:12 (basionym); Pseudechis microlepidotus McCoy, 1879:12; Parademansia microlepidota (McCoy, 1879:12); Diemenia ferox Macleay, 1882:812


Diemenia ferox was first synonymised with O. microlepidotus by (H. G. Cogger in Cogger et al., 1983:230)


Conservation Status

Last record: 1882

Rediscovered in 1972



Australia (eastern)


Biology & Ecology

"Ecology: terrestrial, diurnal, predator, low shrubland, tall shrubland, tussock grassland; oviparous, general carnivore."

(Cogger et al., 1983:230)



Lectotype: NMV D12354 (designated by Coventry, 1970:121; Cogger et al., 1983:230)

Type locality: "junction of Murray and Darling Rivers, Vic." (Cogger et al., 1983:230)


Holotype (ferox): MMUS (presumed lost) (Cogger et al., 1983:230)

Type locality: "Fort Bourke, N.S.W." (Cogger et al., 1983:230)






Original scientific description:

McCoy, F. (1879). Small-scaled brown snake. Prod. Zool. Vict. 3: 12-13.


Other references:

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