Psittacara maugei Souancé, 1856

Mona Island conure, Puerto Rican conure, Puerto Rico parakeet



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Aratinga chloroptera maugei Souancé, 1856; Psittacara chloroptera maugei Souancé, 1856; Aratinga maugei Souancé, 1856; Conurus gundlachi Cabanis, 1881:5


Conservation Status


Last record: 1892 (Day, 1981:76)



Puerto Rico (including Mona Island)


Although only collected alive on Mona Island, Day (1981:76) says that "according to oral tradition among old-timers [it also occurred] on Puerto Rico itself". This is supported by (Olson, 2015). Hurricanes may have played a role in its ultimate extinction (Wiley & Wunderle, 1993:340).


Biology & Ecology




Only three preserved specimens exist: one each in the Leiden Museum, Field Museum in Chicago and Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris.


[url=]RMNH 110.079[/url] (adult)


Further fossil material from Puerto Rico itself was discussed by (Olson, 2015). Two missing syntypes were also known: ZMB 2000.35468 and ZMB 2000.35469 (Frahnert et al. 2015).






Original scientific description:

Souancé, De C. (1856). Travaux inédits : catalogue des perroquets de la collection du Prince Masséna, duc de Rivoli et observations sur quelques espèces nouvelles ou peu connues de Psittacidés. Revue et Magasin de Zoologie [du Zoologie Pure et Appliquée?] (2) 8: 56-64, 152-158, 208-226.


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