Nestor chathamensis Wood et al., 2014

Chatham Islands kaka, Chatham Island kaka



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

A complete synonymy taken from (Checklist Committee (OSNZ), 2022:195):

Nestor notabilis Gould; Forbes 1892, Trans. N.Z. Inst. 24: 189. In part.; Nestor meridionalis (Gmelin); Forbes, 1893: Ibis 5 (6th series): 544. In part.; Nestor meridionalis (Gmelin); Dawson 1959, Notornis 8: 114. In part.; Nestor ?n. sp. Tennyson & Millener 1994: Notornis 41 (supp.): 165.; Kaka (?sp.n.) Tennyson & Millener 1994: Notornis 41 (supp.): 172.; Nestor spp. Millener 1999: Smithsonian Contrib. Paleobiology 89: 97.; Nestor “Chatham Islands” Holdaway et al. 2001: New Zealand Journ. Zool. 28: 135.; Nestor chathamensis Wood, Mitchell, Scofield & Tennyson, 2014: Zool. Journ. Linn. Soc. 172: 191 – Chatham Island.


Conservation Status


Last record: Holocene



Chatham Islands, New Zealand


Biology & Ecology










Original scientific description:

Wood, J. R., Mitchell, K. J., Scofield, R. P., Tennyson, A. J. D., Fidler, A. E., Wilmshurst, J. M., Llamas, B. and Cooper, A. (2014). An extinct nestorine parrot (Aves, Psittaciformes, Strigopidae, Nestorinae) from the Chatham Islands, New Zealand. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 172(1): 185-199. [Abstract]


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