Loriculus philippensis chrysonotus Sclater, 1872:324

Cebu hanging parrot, Colasisi, Cebu golden-backed hanging parakeet



Taxonomy & Nomenclature



Conservation Status


Last record: 1920 (Baud, 1976) or 1929 (wild) (Rand, 1949); 1943 (captivity) (Ibid.)


Rabor (1959) reported that the last known specimen was collected by R. C. McGregor in 1906. Rand (1949) that a captive population at London Zoo died out in 1943, which had derived from birds captured from the wild in 1929. Magsalay (1993) states that it was rediscovered sometime between 1981 and 1992. Paguntalan and Jakosalem (2008) failed to find it during their fieldwork, but noted that locals had reported a sighting in August 2004.



Cebu, Philippines


Biology & Ecology










Original scientific description:

Sclater, P. L. (1872). On a new parakeet of the genus Loriculus from the Philippine Islands. Ibis 2(S3): 323-325.


Other references:

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