Eclectus roratus westermani Bonaparte, 1850

Westerman's eclectus parrot



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Psittacodis westermani Bonaparte, 1850


Conservation Status


Last record: 1859 (before 1850?)





Biology & Ecology




11 specimens* exist in museum collections, including:


ZMA 39144 (adult male)

RMNH 88013


* Only four specimens known?






Original scientific description:

Bonaparte, C.L. ('1849' = 1850) On the Lorine genus of Parrots, Eclectus, with the description of a new species, Eclectus cornelia. Proc. Zool. Soc. London 17, 142-146. [Is this the original description, in spite of the different specific name?]


Other references:

Roselaar, C. S. and Prins, T. G. (2000). List of type specimens of birds in the Zoological Museum of the University of Amsterdam (ZMA), as well as of bird taxa described by staff associated with the ZMA, but of which the types are not present there. Beaufortia 50: 95-126.

Rothschild, Walter. (1899). [On Eclectus westermani]. Bull. Brit. Orn. Club 10 (65), ii-iii


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