Charmosyna amabilis Ramsay, 1875

Red-throated lorikeet



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Charmosyna aureicincta Layard, 1875


Conservation Status


Last record: 1993 (Martin et al., 2023)

IUCN RedList status: Critically Endangered


This species has not been definitively recorded since 1993. However, more recent sightings have been claimed. Two recent expeditions, in 2001-02 (Swinnerton & Maljkovic, 2002) and 2003, failed to find this species (IUCN, 2010). The possibility therefore exists that the species has recently gone extinct (i.e. within the last 15 or so years). However, as surveys do not yet seem to have been adequate, there exists the possibility that it persists in small remnant patches of forest which have not been surveyed.





Biology & Ecology




45 specimens were collected from 1875 to 1977 (Swinnerton & Maljkovic, 2002, see appendix V)






Original scientific description:

Ramsay, E.P. (1875).  Trichoglossus (Glossopsitta) amabilis nov. sp. (Ramsay).  Sydney Morning Herald, 28 July 1875.


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