Caipora bambuiorum Cartelle & Hartwig, 1996

Giant spider monkey



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Protonym: Caipora bambuiorum Cartelle & Hartwig, 1996


Conservation Status


Last record: c. 8,000 BC (estimate)





Biology & Ecology

A huge species of spider which became extinct at the end of the Pleistocene or the start of the Holocene, it is estimated to have weighed some 20kg or 75% more than the largest living atelines (Cartelle & Hartwig, 1996).



Holotype: IGC-UFMG 05 ("nearly complete skeleton")






Original scientific description:

Cartelle, Castor and Hartwig, Walter Carl. (1996). A new extinct primate among the Pleistocene megafauna of Bahia, Brazil. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA 93: 6405-6409.


Other references:

Smith F.A., Lyons S.K., Ernest S.K.M., Jones K.E., Kaufman D.M., Dayan T., Marquet P.A., Brown J.H., Haskell J.P. (2003). Body mass of late Quaternary mammals. Ecology 84(12): 3403-3403.


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