Bettongia anhydra (Finlayson, 1957)

Desert bettong




Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Bettongia lesueur anhydra (Finlayson, 1957); Bettongia penicillata anhydra Finlayson, 1957


Wakefield (1967) synonymized B. lesueur anhydra with B. l. lesueur. It was reinstated and elevated to specific status by Matt McDowell in a series of publications (McDowell, 2013; McDowell et al., 2013; McDowell, et al., 2015).


Conservation Status

Last Record: 1933 (Terry, 1937?; McDowell et al. 2015)

IUCN status: Extinct



McEwin Hills, east of Lake McKay, Tanami Desert, Northern Territory, Australia












Original scientific description:

Finlayson, Hedley Herbert. (1957). Preliminary description of two new forms of Bettongia (Marsupialia). Annals And Magazine of Natural History 10: 552-554. [Abstract]


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