Vombatus mitchelli (Owen, 1838)



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Vombatus ursinus mitchelli (Owen, 1838); Vombatus ursinus mitchellii (Owen, 1838); Phascolomys mitchelli Owen, 1838; Phascolomys mitchellii Owen, 1838


Conservation Status


Last record: Late Pleistocene



New South Wales, Australia


Biology & Ecology




Holotype: BM M10791 (Dawson, 1985:65)

Type locality: "probably from Breccia Cave" (Dawson, 1985:65)

Other specimens:

MF721 (Dawson, 1985:65)
F58707 (Dawson, 1985:65)
F31055 (Dawson, 1985:65)






Original scientific description:

Owen, Richard. (1838). In: Mitchell, T. L. (1838). Three expeditions into the interior of eastern Australia, with descriptions of the recently explored region of Australia Felix, and of the present colony of New South Wales. London, T. and W. Boone. Vol. 1. xxi, 351 pp., 21 pIs. Vol.'2. viii, 405 pp., 30 pIs. 2nd ed.(1839)., Vol. 1. xxi, 355 pp., 21 pIs. Vol. 2. ix, 415 pp., 30 pIs.


Other references:

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