Procoptodon rapha Owen, 1874



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Procoptodon texasensis Archer, 1978


Conservation Status


Last record: Late Pleistocene





Anatomy & Morphology

It weighed an estimated 150kg (Johnson & Prideaux, 2004:557; Johnson, 2006:19).


Biology & Ecology

It was a browser or mixed feeder (Johnson, 2006:19).



Holotype: F19652 (Dawson, 1985:66)

Type locality: "coIl. Krefft, 1869, Breccia Cave" (Dawson, 1985:66)


Other specimens:

UCMP 57385 (Dawson, 1985:66)






Original scientific description:

Owen, Richard. (1874). On the fossil mammals of Australia. Part IX. Family Macropodidae: Genera Macropus, Pachyiagon, Leptosiagon, Procoptodon and Palorchestes. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London 164: 783-803.


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