Phascolarctos stirtoni Bartholomai, 1968

Giant koala, Stirton's koala



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

The taxon is eponymous, having been named in honour of American palaeontologist Ruben Arther "R. A." Stirton, who came to Australia under the auspices of a Fullbright scholarship in 1953 for 9 months.


Conservation Status


Last record: Late Pleistocene



Queensland, South Australia & Victoria, Australia


Biology & Ecology




Holotype: QMF5707

Other material:

MVP215957 (Price, 2008:2518)
QMF52290 (Price, 2008:2518)
QM F52289 (Price, 2008:2518; Price et al. 2009a)






Original scientific description:

Bartholomai, Alan. (1968). A new fossil koala from Queensland and a reassessment of the taxonomic position of the problematical species Koalemus ingens De Vis. Mem. Qld. Mus. 15(2): 65-72.


Other references:

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