Osphranter bernardus (Rothschild, 1904b:543)

Black wallaroo, Bernard's wallaroo, Bernard's kangaroo, Black kangaroo, Woodward's wallaroo, Northern black wallaroo, Small black wallaroo



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Dendrodorcopsis woodwardi Rothschild, 1904a:414 (preoccupied); Macropus bernardus Rothschild, 1904b:543 (basionym); Macropus robustus bernardus (Rothschild, 1904b:543)


Conservation Status

Last record: 1914?; 1922 (Goodwin & Goodwin, 1973)

Rediscovered in 1969

IUCN RedList status: Near Threatened



Northern Territory (central northern), Australia

Type locality: "head of the south Alligator River, N.T." (Calaby & Richardson, 1988:65)


Biology & Ecology

"Ecology: tropical, woodland, nocturnal, terrestrial, folivore; shelters in among rocks, solitary."

(Calaby & Richardson, 1988:65)



Holotype: BMNH 1939.2.760 (adult male; skin & skull) (Calaby & Richardson, 1988:65)

Collected by John T. Tunney, director of the Western Australian Museum, Perth, under the auspices of Walter Rothschild.


Other specimens:

WAM 17122 (Kitchener & Vicker, 1981:55)

WAM 17123 (Kitchener & Vicker, 1981:55)

WAM 17124 (Kitchener & Vicker, 1981:55)






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