Lasiorhinus krefftii barnardi (Longman, 1939:283)

Northern hairy-nosed wombat



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Lasiorhinus latifrons barnardi Longman, 1939:283 (basionym)


Conservation Status

Rediscovered (Crossman, 1988)



Queensland, Australia

Type locality: "Epping Forest Station, 75 km west of Clermont, Qld." (Dawson, 1988:48)


Biology & Ecology





QM 6239 (male; skin & skull) (Dawson, 1988:48)

QM 6240 (skull) (Dawson, 1988:48)

QM 6283 (skull) (Dawson, 1988:48)

QM 6284 (skull) (Dawson, 1988:48)






Original scientific description:

Longman, H. A. (1939). A central Queensland wombat. Memoirs of the Queensland Museum 11: 283-287, pl. 26.


Other references:

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