Bettongia lesueur graii (Gould, 1841:178)

Inland boodie, Inland burrowing bettong, Gray's rat-kangaroo, Gray's jerboa kangaroo (Krefft, 1866:21), Gray's bettong (Gray, 1843:93), booming (Murray-Darling aboriginals) (Krefft, 1866:21), see (Burbidge et al., 1988:15; Burbidge & Short, 2023:292) for other aboriginal names



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Betongia graii Gould, 1841:178; Bettongia grayi Gould, 1841:178; Bettongia Grayii Gould, 1841:178; Hypsiprymnus Graii Gould, 1841:178; Perameles harveyi Waterhouse, 1842:47


The validity of this taxon is disputed (see Jackson & Groves, 2015:136), but has been recognised by (Burbidge & Short, 2023).


Conservation Status

Extinct or invalid (synonym)

Last record: 1940's (specimen) (Flannery, 1990; Burbidge & Short, 2023:293); c.1960 (aboriginal knowledge) (Burbidge et al., 1988)



Western Australia, Australia

Type locality: "Swan River, W.A." (Calaby & Richardson, 1988:55)

Type locality (harveyi): S.A. (Calaby & Richardson, 1988:55)


Biology & Ecology




Holotype: BMNH 1841.1157 (adult male; skin & badly damaged skull) (Calaby & Richardson, 1988:55)

Holotype (harveyi): BMNH (adult; skin without feet) (Calaby & Richardson, 1988:55)






Original scientific description:

Gould, John (1840). Description of a new species of Hypsiprymnus. Proc. Zool. Soc. London 1840: 178-179.


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