Hibbertia leptopus Benth. (1863:41)



Taxonomy & Nomenclature



Conservation Status

Last record: 1841 or later (Thiele, 2012)

Rediscovered on: 9 August 2003 (collection); 2003 or later (recognition) (Thiele, 2012)



near Calingiri & Goomalling, Victoria Plains, Western Australia, Australia


Biology & Ecology










Original scientific description:

Bentham, George. (1863). Flora Australiensis: a description of the plants of the Australian Territory. Vol. 1. Ranunculaceae to Anacardiaceae. London: L.Reeve & Co.


Other references:

Gardner, C. A. (1930-31). Enumeratio plantarum Australiae Occidentalis: a systematic census of the plants occurring in Western Australia. Perth: Government Printer.

Marchant, N. G. and Keighery, G. J. (1979). Poorly collected and presumably rare vascular plants of Western Australia. Kings Park Research Notes No. 5. West Perth: Kings Park and Botanic Garden. 103 pp. [p. 63]

Thiele, Kevin R. (2012). Rediscovery and reinstatement of Hibbertia leptopus (Dilleniaceae), an overlooked and apparently rare species from Western Australia. Nuytsia 22(3): 121-124.


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