Family: Dilleniaceae

Scientific Name Author/s Common Name Last Record Distribution Status Taxon Profile
Dillenia fischeri Merr. (1915 "1914") - 1913 Agusan del Norte province, Mindanao, Philippines Missing Access
Dillenia triquetra (Rottb.) Gilg (1893) - - Madagascar Erroneously listed as possibly extinct Access
Hibbertia fumana
Sieber ex Toelken (2012) - (rediscovered) New South Wales, Australia Rediscovered Access
Hibbertia leptopus Benth. (1863) - (rediscovered) near Calingiri & Goomalling, Victoria Plains, Western Australia, Australia Rediscovered Access
Hibbertia sargentii S.Moore (1909) - 31 August 1907 Western Australia, Australia Invalid (synonym) Access
Schumacheria alnifolia Hook.f. & Thomson (1855) - (rediscovered) Sri Lanka Rediscovered Access


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