Family: Boraginaceae

Scientific Name Author/s Common Name Last Record Distribution Status Taxon Profile
Alkanna sartoriana Boiss. & Heldr.   ? Greece Missing Access
Amsinckia carinata A. Nelson & J.F. Macbr. Malheur Valley fiddleneck (rediscovered) Oregon, USA Rediscovered Access
Amsinckia marginata Brand   early 1900's Pichancha Province, Ecuador Missing Access
Cryptantha aperta (Eastw.) Payson   June 1892 the vicinity of Grand Junction, Colorado (western), USA Missing Access
Cryptantha hooveri I. M. Johnst.   1939 Central Valley, California, USA Missing Access
Cryptantha wigginsii I. M. Johnst.   (rediscovered) Baja California, Mexico & USA (including Catalina Island) Rediscovered Access
Myosotis diminuta
Grau ex H. Riedl, 1963   (rediscovered) Iraq & Turkey Rediscovered Access
Myosotis laingii
Cheeseman   ? New Zealand Missing? Access
Myosotis lyallii Hook. f.   (rediscovered) New Zealand Rediscovered Access
Myosotis ruscinonensis Rouy   1960 France Extinct in the wild Access
Myosotis traversii cinerascens (Petrie) l.B.Moore    1900 New Zealand Missing Access
Onosma affinis Hausskn. ex H. Riedl   ? Anatolia, Turkey Missing Access
Onosma discedens Hausskn. & Bornm.   (rediscovered) Turkey Rediscovered Access
Phacelia amabilis
Constance Saline valley phacelia 1942 or 1985 California, USA Missing Access
Phacelia cinerea Eastwood ex Macbr. San Nicolas Island phacelia, Ashy phacelia 1901 San Nicolas Island, Channel Islands, California, USA Missing Access
Plagiobothrys figuratus corallicarpus
(Piper) K.L. Chambers   (rediscovered) Oregon, USA Rediscovered Access
Plagiobothrys glaber (Gray) I.M. Johnst.   (rediscovered) Alameda County, California, USA Rediscovered Access
Plagiobothrys hirtus (Greene) I.M.Johnst. Rough popcornflower (rediscovered) Oregon, USA Rediscovered Access
Plagiobothrys hystriculus (Piper) I. M. Johnst. Bearded popcorn flower, Bearded popcornflower, Bearded allocarya (rediscovered) California, USA Rediscovered Access
Plagiobothrys lamprocarpus
(Piper) I. M. Johnst. Shiny fruit popcorn flower, Shiny-fruited allocarya 2 June 1921 (near?) Grants Pass, Oregon, USA Missing Access
Plagiobothrys lithocaryus (A. Gray) I.M. Johnst.   1899 California, USA Missing Access
Plagiobothrys mollis vestitus (Greene) I.M. Johnst.   1880 or 1882 California, USA Missing Access
Tournefortia obtusiflora Benth.   1800's Ecuador Missing Access