Ombrastacoides parvicaudatus Hansen & Richardson, 2006:754

Short-tailed rain crayfish



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: LMT Hansen & Richardson 1999a: 211, 1999b: 856-859; Ombrastacoides parvicaudatus Hansen, 2001:5.81 (MS)


Conservation Status

Last record: 3 May 1988 (Hansen, 2001); 3 June 1988 (Hansen & Richardson, 2006)

Rediscovered in November 2020


The impact of Hydro-lakes in Tasmania

The Short-tailed rain crayfish is one of several species that are or were thought to have gone extinct due to the inundation of an area for hydro-electricity, along with the Lake Pedder earthworm (still considered extinct), Lake Pedder planarian (subsequently rediscovered), McCubbins caddisfly (subsequently rediscovered) and Lake Pedder caddisfly (subsequently rediscovered):

"extremely restricted distribution in the King River valley around the region now inundated by Lake Burbury, a hydro-electric lake, and may well be extinct as a result of this inundation)" (Hansen, 2001:)

"One species, Ombrastacoides parvicaudatus, may now be extinct owing to flooding by the King River hydro-electric scheme (Lake Burbury); the only specimens of this species are in the University of Tasmania Zoology collection and no specimens have been collected since the formation of the lake, despite at least two searches around the southern and western shores." (Hansen & Richardson, 2006:717)

The Short-tailed crayfish was then rediscovered as part of a Hydro Tasmania environmental survey in November 2020.



King River valley (now in creeks running into Lake Burbury), Tasmania, Australia


Biology & Ecology

A burrowing species



See (Hansen, 2001; Hansen & Richardson, 2006)






Original scientific description:

Hansen, Brita and Richardson, A. M. M. (2006). A revision of the Tasmanian endemic freshwater crayfish genus Parastacoides (Crustacea:Decapoda:Parastacidae). Invertebrate Systematics 20: 713-769.


Other references:

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