Romankenkius pedderensis Ball, 1974

Lake Pedder planarian



Taxonomy & Nomenclature



Conservation Status



The Lake Pedder Planarian was endemic to the shores of Lake Pedder, which was flooded in 1972/3 by the Hydro-Electric Commission to supply a local hydro-electricity plant with water. No specimens were collected until several were reported in the literature by (Grant et al., 2006) and (Forteath & Osborn, 2012). It has thus been rediscovered after having been presumed extinct (World Conservation Monitoring Centre, 1996).



Lake Pedder, Tasmania, Australia.


Biology & Ecology







The original Lake Pedder. Photo courtesy of © Elspeth Vaughan.



Original scientific description:

Ball, I. R. (1974). A new genus of freshwater triclad from Tasmania, with reviews of the related genera Cura and Neppia (Turbellaria: Tricladida). Life Sci. Contr. R. Ont. Mus. 99: 1-48


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My sincere thanks go to Elspeth Vaughan for her permission to reproduce her photograph of the original Lake Pedder. Thanks are also due to Peter Fagan and Melva Truchanas who, together, put me in touch with Elspeth Vaughan.

For more information on the fight to resurrect the original Lake Pedder, you can visit the Lake Pedder Restoration Committee's website:


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