Mekosuchus kolpokasi Mead, Steadman, Bedford, Bell & Spriggs, 2002

Vanuatu terrestrial crocodile



Taxonomy & Nomenclature



Conservation Status

c.1,000 BC



Efate Island, Vanuatu






Holotype: UF 162724

Referred specimens:

UF 162725
UF 162726






Original scientific description:

Mead, J. I., Steadman, D. W., Bedford, S. H., Bell. C. J. and Spriggs, M. (2002). New extinct mekosuchine crocodile from Vanuatu, South Pacific. Copeia 2002(3): 632-641.


Other references:

Petchey, Fiona, Spriggs, Matthew, Bedford, Stuart and Valentin, Frédérique. (2015). The chronology of occupation at Teouma, Vanuatu: Use of a modified chronometric hygiene protocol and Bayesian modeling to evaluate midden remains. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 4: 95-105.


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