Alopecoenas norfolkensis Forshaw, 2015:84

Norfolk Island ground(-)dove



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Columba norfolciensis Latham, 1801:60; Gallicolumba norfolciensis Latham, 1801:60


This species is no longer recognized by several authorities (e.g. Schodde et al. 2007; Schodde & Bock 2008; ICZN, 2010). Schodde and Bock (2008) have argued that because no type was assigned to fix Gallicolumba norfolciensis with the population of doves which formerly occupied Norfolk Island, the name is invalid under ICZN rules. The IUCN account for this species was also written in 2008 (BirdLife International, 2008), so it is unknown whether BirdLife International was aware of this article when it published the account. However, even if it was, the description of the female of Gallicolumba norfolciensis given by (Latham, 1801) matches that of the common emerald dove (Columba indica) (Hindwood, 1965; Schodde, 1997), so that only the male of the population to which the binomial G. norfolciensis has been applied, is known with certainty.

However, as the male of the species cannot be synonymized with any known species, nor can subfossil remains also found on Norfolk Island, I have retained G. norfolciensis (while emphasizing that it is a very controversial binomen) because it is almost certain that an endemic columbid, and possibly two if the subfossil and early reports were of two distinct species, became extinct around c.1790-1800 on Norfolk Island. Joseph Forshaw published a new description of this species (as Alopecoenas norfolkensis) based upon the painting by John Hunter (Forshaw, in Forshaw & Cooper, 2015:84).


Conservation Status

Extinct or invalid

Last record: 1790?; 1800 (Schodde et al. 1983)

IUCN RedList status: Extinct (formerly, now considered invalid)



Norfolk Island, Australia


Biology & Ecology







Above: Norfolk Island Ground Dove. Gallicolumba norfolciensis. From the series: Extinct Birds of New Zealand., 2004, Masterton, by Paul Martinson. Purchased 2006. © Te Papa. CC BY-NC-ND 4.0. Te Papa (2006-0010-1/55)



Original scientific description:

Forshaw, Joseph Michael and Cooper, William. (2015). Pigeons and Doves in Australia. Collingwood: CSIRO Publishing. [Relevant pages]


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