Streptanthus lemmonii (S. Watson) Jeps.



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Caulanthus coulteri lemmonii (S.Watson) Munz; Caulanthus lemmonii S.Watson; Streptanthus parryi Greene; Streptanthus coulteri lemmonii (S.Watson) Jeps.


Invalid (synonym of Streptanthus tortuosus) (Knapp et al., 2020)


Listed twice by (Humphreys), under S. lemmonii (extinct) and Caulanthus lemmonii (as a synonym of Caulanthus coulteri). The latter because they are only concerned with extinct and rediscovered species and not valid subspecies.


Conservation Status

Invalid (synonym). Listed as extinct by (Humphreys et al., 2019)



Santa Catalina Mountains, Arizona, USA


Biology & Ecology










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