Lepidium peregrinum Thell. (1913 "1912":153)

Wandering pepper-cress, Pilgrim pepper-cress



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Lepidium peregrinum var. glabripes Thell. ex Hayw. & Druce in Advent. Fl. Tweedside: 272 (1919)


Conservation Status

Last record: 1884 (Australia) (Leigh et al., 1984); 1913 (Scotland) (Scarlett, 1999:337)

Rediscovered in: 14 March 1990 (specimen) (Scarlett, 1999:343; Silcock et al., 2019:SM:12 [as 1990]); 1990 or later (recognition) (Scarlett, 1999:343)


Although described from wool-alien material that was found in Scotland in 1910 (and appears to have survived there at least until 1913; see Scarlett, 1999), there is an Australian record of the species from either 1883 (Scarlett, 1999) or 1884 (Leigh et al., 1984) that appears to have only been retrospectively recognised as L. peregrinum.

It was still listed as Extinct by (Keith et al., 1997:64) despite being rediscovered seven years earlier, as the rediscovery appears to have only been published in 1999 (Scarlett, 1999).



New South Wales & Queensland, Australia


Biology & Ecology










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