Nitella gracilens H.Morioka (1941)



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Nitella mucronata f. gracilens (H.Morioka) R.D.Wood 1962; Nitella furcata f. gracilens (H.Morioka) R.D.Wood 1965 [according to Langangen in Guiry & Guiry, 2011]; Nitella furcata var. sieberi f. gracilens (H.Morioka) R.D.Wood 1965 [according to Nozaki et al., 1998]


Conservation Status

Last record: 26 August 1939 or later

Rediscovered on 18 November 1995 (Nozaki et al., 1998)



Lake Ashi (=Ashinoko Lake =Hakone Lake =Asinoko-lake), Hakone area, Kanagawa Prefecture, Honshū, Japan


Biology & Ecology










Original scientific description:

Morioka, H. (1941). Charophyta Japonica (II). J. Jap. Bot. 17(2): 57-70.


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