Megalocnus rodens Leidy, 1868:180

Cuban giant sloth



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Myomorphus cubensis Pomel, 1868; Megalocnus rodens rodens Leidy, 1868; Oryctotherius cubensis Spencer, 1895; Megalonyx rodens Allen, 1911; Megalocnus rodens casimbae Matthew, 1959; Megalocnus ursulus Matthew, 1959; Megalocnus junius Matthew, 1959; Megalocnus intermedius Mayo, 1969


García & Páez (2000:86) treat Megalocnus rodens as a synonym of M. intermedius.


Conservation Status


Last record: 4,250 +/- 50 yrs BP


The youngest radiocarbon date attained is 4,250 +/- 50 yrs (Steadman et. al. 2005). Hence this species survived well into the Holocene. But because of a lack of dateable specimens, Megalocnus and Homo sapiens cannot be shown to have overlapped temporally. Hence extinction by humans, though very probably the true cause, cannot be demonstrated at present.





Biology & Ecology










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