Pachyarmatherium leiseyi Downing & White, 1995



Taxonomy & Nomenclature



Conservation Status


Last record: Late Pleistocene



USA & Venezuela


Biology & Ecology










Original scientific description:

Downing, K. F. and White, R. S. (1995). The cingulates (Xenarthra) of the Leisey Shell Pit local fauna (Irvingtonian), Hillsborough County, Florida. Bulletin of the Florida Museum of Natural History 37(12): 375-396.


Other references:

McDonald, H. G. and Naples, V. L. (2007). Xenarthra. In C. M. Janis, G. F. Gunnell, M. D. Uhen (eds.), Evolution of Tertiary Mammals of North America 2: 147-160.

Solórzano, Andrés, Rincón, Ascanio D. and McDonald, H. Gregory. (2015). A New Mammal Assemblage from the Late Pleistocene El Breal de Orocual, Northeast of Venezuela, pp. 125-150. In: Harris, John M. (ed.). La Brea and Beyond: The Paleontology of Asphalt-Preserved Biotas. Los Angeles, California: Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, Science Series No. 42. 174 pp.


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