Chelonoidis marcanoi Turvey et al., 2017:4



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

The taxonomic status of C. marcanoi is disputed:

"Shortly after the publication of C. marcanoi, Albury et al. (2018) and Vlachos (2018) considered the species a nomen dubium because the elements used to erect it are morphologically similar and poorly diagnostic among species of Chelonoidis... More diagnostic elements collected from cave deposits in the southwest Dominican Republic indicate that C. marcanoi is a senior synonym of C. dominicensis."

(Viñola-López & Almonte, 2022:19,11)


Conservation Status

Extinct or invalid (nomen dubium)

Last record: Holocene





Biology & Ecology










Original scientific description:

Turvey, Samuel T. et al. (2017). A new species of extinct Late Quaternary giant tortoise from Hispaniola. Zootaxa 4277(1): 1-16.


Other references:

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