Chelonoidis hoodensis (Van Denburgh, 1907)

Hood Island giant tortoise, Española giant tortoise, Tortuga Gigante de Española



Taxonomy & Nomenclature



Conservation Status

Reintroduced to the wild (Smith et al., 2023)

IUCN RedList status: Critically Endangered (Possibly Extinct)


Distribution & Habitat

Española Island (=Hood Island), Galápagos Islands, Ecuador


Anatomy & Morphology



Biology & Ecology










Original scientific description:

Van Denburgh, J. (1907). Expedition of the California Academy of Sciences to the Galapagos Islands, 1905-1906. I. Preliminary descriptions of four new races of gigantic land tortoises from the Galapagos Islands. Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences 1(4): 1-6.


Other references:

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