Chelonoidis duncanensis (Pritchard, 1996)

Pinzón giant tortoise, Duncan Island giant tortoise



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonyms: Chelonoidis nigra ssp. duncanensis (Pritchard, 1996); Geochelone elephantopus ssp. ephippium (Günther, 1875); Geochelone nigra ssp. duncanensis Pritchard, 1996; Geochelone nigra ssp. ephippium (Günther, 1875); Testudo elephantopus ssp. ephippium (Günther, 1875); Testudo ephippium Günther, 1875


Conservation Status

Formerly extinct in the wild



Pinzón (=Duncan Island), Galápagos Islands, Ecuador


Biology & Ecology










Original scientific description:

Pritchard, P. C. H. (1996). The Galápagos Tortoises: Nomenclatural and Survival Status. Chelonian Research Monographs 1: 1-85.


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