Aldabrachelys sumeirei Sauzier, 1892:396

Marion's tortoise



Taxonomy & Nomenclature

Synonym/s: Cylindraspis sumeirei Sauzier, 1892: 396; Cylindraspis sumeri Sauzier, 1892:396 [orthographic error]; Geochelone sumeirei Sauzier, 1892:396


Now considered an invalid taxon, as it is synonymous with the Aldabra giant tortoise (Aldabrachelys gigantea gigantea =Dipsochelys dussumieri) (Fitzsimmons & Hart, 2007; Uetz et al., 2022). Though formerly treated as valid for decades after its original description (Auffenberg, 1974:143; Bour, 1985:55).


Conservation Status

Invalid. A synonym of Aldabrachelys gigantea gigantea according to the Reptile Database (Uetz et al., 2022).

Last record: 1918 (Auffenberg, 1974:144)


The species description was based upon a single individual (Sauzier, 1892), one of five animals captured from the Seychelles in either 1766 (Auffenberg, 1974:144) or 1769 (Bour, 1985:55) by a ship sponsored by, or under the command of, Marc-Joseph Marion du Fresne and taken back to Mauritius as a gift for the Port Louis Garrison (Auffenberg, 1974:144; Bour, 1985:55). It appears to have survived for 152 years, before dying from an accidental fall in 1918.



Seychelles (Auffenberg, 1974:144; contra Sauzier, 1892)


Sauzier (1892) gave the type locality as Mauritius, but this is in error (Auffenberg, 1974:143). A label attached to the holotype clearly gives the origin of the species as the granitic Seychelles (Auffenberg, 1974:144).


Biology & Ecology




Holotype: BMNH 1929.12.27.1 [ex 1947.3.4.1] (Bour, 1985:55)

Type locality: "Seychelles Islands?" (Auffenberg, 1974:144)






Original scientific description:

Sauzier, Theodore. (1892). Tortue de terre gigantesque a l'ile Maurice. Nature (Paris, France) 20(1016): 395-398.

Other references:

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